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StainlessEDGE Skate Blades - CCM Speedblade XS Holder

Fits the CCM Speedblade XS holder

price is per pair. 

Size Guide

Customer Reviews

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Chris S. (Halifax, CA)
Amazing Steel - Incredible Service

I’ve been ordering runners and having them profiled by Tydan for a few years now. They have provided incredible service unfailingly. Don’t underestimate what custom profiling can do for your game…talk to them!!

Andrew B. (Arlington, US)
better when getting older

did not think that blade profile would change my game this much. Had a radical departure not only with the profile but also radius. always liked the tight feeling of a 7/16. went all the way out to a 3/4 on Tydan recommendation. Amazing. used to have hip and knee pain. no more. ready to go in hours not in days. not walking around like an old man. would have paid far more for this had i known the change it would mean.

Nash H. (Bloomingdale, US)
Love the EDGE

Rockin the new steel

Size Chart
Please note that sizes/blade lengths are approximate. Profiles are based on what we have found to be best suited for that size. This size chart is to be used as a guideline. If you need assistance with sizing or profile selection please call us at (905) 627-8995 or email info@tydanblades.com
blade size chart