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DiamondEDGE Skate Blades - CCM SpeedBlade 4.0 Holder

DiamondEDGE blades are coated with a Diamond Like Carbon to provide a low friction, hard edge that resists wear.   The additional strength of the edge provides 4-6X the edge life as stainless steel blades.

The reduced friction increases your gliding ability and speed while the harder edges improve mobility, stability and acceleration. 

The harder edge is especially helpful for extending sharpening intervals which saves sharpening costs, time and reduces the impact on your blade profile.

Fits the CCM SpeedBlade +4.0 holder

price is per pair

Size Guide

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
4.0 diamond edge blades

These blades are the ultimate performance for what I was looking for. Only got to use them for 3 games due to the fact I broke my ankle on a ruff landing. But A+++ on rating for sure.

Blades are a huge upgrade !!

Noticed a huge improvement in glide and edge control, took a few skates to get use to the new cag1 profile. They look way better then the picture dark colour with some shine to it. These sit in the ccm holder very well , they were a little thought to get in first.

Overall great value and best improvement for an equipment upgrade. Well worth it.

Cag One 30/55

Great service, great product! Based on the assessment, I went with the Cag One 30/55 and 3/4” hollow. I’ve been on the ice a couple times now, and what a difference; noticeable improvement in glide and stability, yet still have great edge control, and agility. Joel actually phoned me to discuss the CAG profile before I pulled the trigger, which I wasn’t expecting. My order arrived on time, the blades look great, and fit perfectly.

Great Blades

Total game changer

Size Chart
Please note that sizes/blade lengths are approximate. Profiles are based on what we have found to be best suited for that size. This size chart is to be used as a guideline. If you need assistance with sizing or profile selection please call us at (905) 627-8995 or email info@tydanblades.com
blade size chart