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Custom Profiling by Mail

1. Purchase Custom Profiling by Mail

2. Secure your blades in the package - PLEASE don't OVER TAPE, but ensure they are taped SECURELY with packing tape.

3. Wait for an email from us, we'll send you everything you need! Your printable shipping label may take up to 3-5 business days for us to generate. We appreciate your patience. 

Size Guide

Customer Reviews

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Spry J goalie blade profile

These blades are great! Huge improvement immediately. After a few hiccups with communication, the process was smooth to send my blades by mail to Tydan to get profiled and they were returned with a couple of weeks. Awesome!!

Great Customer Service

Provided easy shipping from and to my door and they called to verify my order. I haven't tested this pair of blades yet, but the other pair I originally ordered from the website (Tydan carbon blades) are amazing. The new profile feels infinitely better than the original blades. They also hold their edge for at least twice as long as the old steel I used to use. This is the reason I haven't even installed the sharper pair...no need yet. The shipping and sharpening costs are also worth it for the accuracy of the profiling/sharpening; they aren't going to grind your blades down making them last longer while holding their profile. Very happy with the product and service.

Best Steel on the market!

Very hard and holds an edge much longer then my old steel. I don’t know why I didn’t upgrade sooner. The profiling also made a huge difference allowing me to fly into backwards crossovers with ease. I tell everyone about this steel! I’m faster, spend less $ on sharpening, and can maneuver in and out of crossovers quicker and easier. Amazing how quality steel changes things

Bantam AA tryouts

My 14 year old had the fastest blue line time and was killing it in drills. He had been asking for a profiled blade and Tydan came up with what best worked for him. They were also able to cut his second set to match and recommended what radius FBV to use. Coming from Canada I expected longer shipping times but we had the Tydan originals the same week and 2 way shipping was almost as quick. I had a question on the weekend and there was a skate pro available immediately. We are definitely impressed and will recommend and use these guys again.


Fast service, fast blades! Game changer having a custom profile.

Size Chart
Please note that sizes/blade lengths are approximate. Profiles are based on what we have found to be best suited for that size. This size chart is to be used as a guideline. If you need assistance with sizing or profile selection please call us at (905) 627-8995 or email info@tydanblades.com
blade size chart