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Shipping Instructions

Please remove the blades from the skates to ship - DO NOT SHIP SKATES!


Step 1: Insert blades into tyvek envelope - one blade on each end.


Step 2: Fold both blades towards the centre, until they meet in the middle.


Step 3: Fold over excess material & secure with tape.


Step 4: Position tyvek envelope inside a flat rate envelope & secure with packaging tape. 


Step 5: Insert a copy of online order in the envelope.


Step 6: Seal envelope & affix shipping label. 


The blades are now ready to be shipped.


You may ship with the courier of your choice. We suggest Canada Post or USPS, as they are the most cost efficient.


*Tydan Performance Blades is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged blades due to poor packaging or shipping errors*

Size Chart
Please note that sizes/blade lengths are approximate. Profiles are based on what we have found to be best suited for that size. This size chart is to be used as a guideline. If you need assistance with sizing or profile selection please call us at (905) 627-8995 or email info@tydanblades.com
blade size chart