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Tydan Blades

Holds the dogs longer…fewer sharpenings needed.

Outstanding Service

Hands down the best skate service out there. Questions were answered promptly and professionally. I was so impressed with the service and quality of the product I ended up ordering two sets of steel (profiled) and will be sending them out for their sharpening service. Incredibly fast turnaround time. Shout out to Zach for being so helpful!


I'm an older beer league player but still hitting the ice 2-3 times per week. 6'4" 250 lbs. on D. Blades that came with my skates seem to dull, burr/nick up fairly quickly and were getting low in height from all the sharpening. Went down to Tydan and they looked after me with these blades. Had them rockered and profiled and standard 5/8 hollow used. Couldn't believe the difference in the sharpness on the ice and man do they hold their sharpen a long time. I can go 10-12 games or a month in between sharpens. I would never go back to standard blades. When I was there they had sets of team blades for a wack of NHL Teams set and ready to go out. I was going thru the Canucks blades and all of them had the Canucks logo etched on them plus the players names and #. It was amazing to see that. Great place and its local being from Hamilton.

Bauer Tuuk LS Pulse Edge DLC Runners
Jeff G. (St. Catharines, CA)
New Blades

Seem to be good , profiled at 35/65 I might try a a little less blade on the ice next time. They seem to hold their sharpness longer , which is great.

Gummy Hone
Barry Q. (Cambridge, CA)
Customer satisfaction

Landyn’s blade became loose, within a few days the Tydan team had a new set at the door. Now a Tydan for life customer

Perfect and hard to find the original

I was obsessed to find True blades nothing available on regular retailers
Made a good discovery

DiamondEdge CCM Speedblade 4.0

The replacement blades are of excellent quality, fit perfectly into the holder with no force needed unlike other blades. The quality of the metal that is used is very evident not only in how long it holds an edge but when they need to be sharpened, they are so smooth to sharpen with very little material needed to be removed. The edge radius process used is great and my son noticed the impact in his skating right away. U16 AA defensemen are hard on their skates, these stand up amazingly, thanks for making such a great product at a great price !!

new blades

great service and very fast.

all good except the edges were not quite even, corrected on my sparx machine.

Bauer Tuuk LS Pulse TI Goalie Blades
William D. (Barrie, CA)
First impressions - Bauer Tuuk LS Pulse TI Goalie Blades

Quick Summary: I had some initial issues that were frustrating / disappointing, but I am giving a 5 star because:
1. Tydan support over email and phone was quite responsive (same day both times) and they also took the time to listen and provide feedback and education.
2. In the end, I got exactly what I had hoped to get.

Full Review:
My newly profiled blades arrived quickly but Tydan forgot my custom engraving. Engravings don't stop pucks or control rebounds, so this was not a significant deal for me. I sent an email and Tydan actually picked up the phone to call me 10 mins later to let me know they would get that taken care of and assure me that they had completed the profile. My first time on the new blades was not the best. I had kept the same radius of hollow, but went with a new profile and I just couldn't seem to find an edge where I was used to having one. After 10 mins of not finding an edge really anywhere, I swapped back to my previous runners for the rest of the practice. Afterwards , I inspected the edge and it felt and looked perfectly sharp. The next day, I took my skates to the best sharpening place in town and had them resharpen the blades and also change the radius of hollow from 1/2 to 3/8 and that did the trick. After speaking to the proshop owner and Tydan, I was able to learn that, with the new breed of super hard steel blades, the first sharpening can be problematic for even the best skate techs. It is not uncommon for the runner to look and feel perfectly sharp, but not provide the on ice performance that they should.

It took a bit, but in the end, I honestly got everything I was hoping for:

1. A profile that has an excellent overall balance to it with solid bite.
2. A taller runner that has given me a more aggressive attack angle.
3. An edge the stands up significantly better to the post collisions than anything else I have tried. I normally sharpen my skates every 4 hours with a max of 6 hours between. So far, I have 5 hours on the latest sharpening and I am still super confident in the edge along the entire length of the runner. Usually, by hour 4 , I have a few spots where the edge has been compromised, so far I have none.
4. Improved crispness in my overall crease movement.
5. Fewer Toe-Push 'slide-outs' and an improved ability to find an edge during a crisis.

Good chunk of steel

Seem good so far. Pretty strong. Nice smooth glide


Great product. Highly recommend.

Profiled New Blades

Great job profiling my son’s new blades. He loves them and shipping was fast.

Bauer Tuuk LS Pulse Edge DLC Runners
Jeffrey C. (Timmins, CA)

Bauer Tuuk LS Pulse Edge DLC Runners

Bauer Tuuk LS Pulse Edge DLC Runners
Charlie H. (Columbus, US)
The best blades I've ever used

My Tydan custom profiled Bauer Tuuk LS Pulse Edge DLC Runners hold their edges much longer and have saved me a lot of money on sharpening expenses. I'm on the ice 5-7 times a week and we've had to buy fewer grinding wheels for our Sparx machine as a result of the more durable edges. The custom profile gives me a noticeable performance edge, too. Thanks to all the guys at Tydan for their help!

Bauer Tuuk LS Pulse Edge DLC Runners
Evan B. (Mississauga, CA)
Next Level Quality Runners

Having the best runners on your skate boots plays a big role for on ice performance. Tydan Blades have made me a better, faster stronger player because of the quality material used in the blade. Giving you confidence on the ice. All the other runners are sub-par compared to the performance you achive with Tydan Blades.
You want to be the best go with the best blades in the industry.
EB #10

Great product

New blades fit perfectly!

Amazing Steel - Incredible Service

I’ve been ordering runners and having them profiled by Tydan for a few years now. They have provided incredible service unfailingly. Don’t underestimate what custom profiling can do for your game…talk to them!!

Love skating these

I like the High profile of the blade . These feel great with my Edge assessment from Tydan. I’m having lots of fun skating on my new steel with my custom cut from Tydan. Would recommend 👍🏻

Very satisfied with these blades. Extremely helpful and knowledgeable staff.

My son loves these blades. He has tried others, but prefers Tydan diamond edge. This is his 3rd set. He’s been using the custom profile and hollow that was suggested to him by the Tydan staff for a while now and has seen improvement in edges and flat out speed. We definitely recommend these blades!

Great blades

These replaced the stock speed blades in my new CCM Ribcores which I just couldn't quite adjust to the profile of. I got these with a quad zero profile and immediately felt comfortable on them. I've played a handful of games and the edges still seem brand new. Also delivered in two days from Ontario to Seattle, which was a welcomed surprise. I will likely purchase a second set.

Incredible Service!

Didn’t have the stainless blades I ordered. They called me and made good on the order by sending me a set of better blades for the same price and shipped the next morning. Good people.


best quality steel, best profile, best hollow

Custom Profiling by Mail
Peter G. (Virginia Beach, US)
Spry J goalie blade profile

These blades are great! Huge improvement immediately. After a few hiccups with communication, the process was smooth to send my blades by mail to Tydan to get profiled and they were returned with a couple of weeks. Awesome!!

better when getting older

did not think that blade profile would change my game this much. Had a radical departure not only with the profile but also radius. always liked the tight feeling of a 7/16. went all the way out to a 3/4 on Tydan recommendation. Amazing. used to have hip and knee pain. no more. ready to go in hours not in days. not walking around like an old man. would have paid far more for this had i known the change it would mean.

4.0 diamond edge blades

These blades are the ultimate performance for what I was looking for. Only got to use them for 3 games due to the fact I broke my ankle on a ruff landing. But A+++ on rating for sure.