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5/8" Radius of Hollow
Dee (Cobble Hill, CA)
Everyone loves them!

Got some custom goalie blades for my 10 year old son! He absolutely loves them! His teammates and coaches did too. Great quality! Would definitely purchase again!

LS Pulse TI Edge Runners
Tony T. (Brampton, CA)
Ryan Tavares 12 U Rebels

Ryan is enjoying the new blades thanks for recommending the profiling for his new blades he loves it

Cag One Glide Zone Profile
Ben R. (Québec, CA)
I adopted Cag One profile

After taking the Edge Assessment and with help from Tyler, I opted for the Cag One profile, 35/65, and I really like it.
It gave me the feeling I was looking for on my skate. I got used to it quickly and now I can't go back to my original steel. -BR

Gummy Hone
Ben R. (Québec, CA)
The best gummy hone!

This gummy hone is thick and large, simply the best I've seen and use. Others I tried were narrow or too small. Tydan's one is massive.
I feel like it's gonna last forever! It's perfect for my new blacksteel and all the steel with black coating or mirror finish that I sharpen with my Sparx. -BR

Great blades and great experience!

I purchased the Tydan DLC blacksteel, with customized profile and engraving, which is very cool and looks awesome on my CCM FT2! My son's jealous! The coated steel is so hard, I haven’t sharpened them one time since I got them and I skated over 15 hours without losing any grip. They are so shiny that I had a hard time taking picture. 😊 They’re almost like a black mirror.
Tyler from Tydan helped me choose the right profile for my needs after I did the Edge Assessment that also suggested to try a shallower hallow. He was very helpful and so kind through the process. I really do feel the difference on the ice.
I Also got a Tydan Gummy Hone, wich is probably gonna last me forever as it's large and thick, I love it, the best I’ve seen. I also took a Tydan blade pouch which is very well made.
This was my second set off steel from Tydan, but the first one fully customized to my specs. Too bad we don’t need to buy new steel more often. 😊 -BEN

LS Pulse TI Goalie Blades
Kevin A. (Gananoque, CA)
Great quality

I purchased lower end skates, and quickly realized the steel was the compromised point of the skate. I contacted Tydan, and they very easily helped me choose a profiled blade to meet my needs. It arrived very quickly and they are excellent blades. It took almost no time to adapt to them.

JRZ Pro Steel - EPRO
LEIF J. (Kelowna, CA)
My CCM JRZ blades

Recieved the blades on time and in good shape. While I have not installed them on my skates yet since my old blades can still go a little longer. I did however take one of my old blades out of the holder and the new blades matched up perfectly and fit fine in the holder so I do not anticipate any issues with these blades and am happy with the purchase

Know there stuff

Did the edge assessment and picked up a pair of blades at what they recommended and I gotta say they feel pretty awesome! Thanks again!

CCM Step Steel XS Blacksteel Runners
Justin P. (Toronto, CA)
Great purchase

Played hockey for over 20 years best blade purchase. The Tydan team made it easy to purchase and helpful to discuss. Will be using Tydan and recommend to all I know

LS Pulse Edge DLC Runners
Kevin S. (Lindsay, CA)

Great customer service. Will buy my blades and have them profiled at Tydan moving forward.

LS Pulse TI Goalie Blades
CRAIG S. (Saulnierville, CA)
Kudos from Nova Scotia

Awesome goalie blades with super customer service. 5 stars all the way!!

Mail In Custom Profiling

We have used Tydan for a couple of years now for custom profiling of goalie blades. The customer service and product quality have been consistently excellent, and we highly recommend Tydan Blades if you're looking for a great custom skate blade profiling experience!

LS Pulse Stainless Steel Runners
Albert (Burnaby, CA)
LS Pulse 230mm

Son just outgrew skates and moved from 221 to 230, kept the Tydan Apex profile with slight forward pitch, and continues to love the steel and love the profile. Order and shipment were top notch as usual, thank you Tydan you guys are so great to work with and purchase from.

JRZ Pro Steel - SB4
Kelly M. (Wasaga Beach, CA)
I like the change

Went with the JRZ steel due to lower price. Very happy with my choice. Changed from the SB Black steel. Tyler suggested the the Tydan power cut profile, similar to my current. But the big change for me was the sharpening @ 11/16. Took a couple hours on the ice to get comfortable , but now I’ve got fantastic glide with maintained strong edge work still. I may try a 3/4 sharpening in the near future.Also when the ice gets chewed up I still have good glide and find my legs not as tired. Less work /force required.

Gummy Hone
John F. (Vancouver, CA)
Gummy hone

Works as they say it does. Does not damage coated blades, and works well as a fine hone on regualar steel blades.

LS Pulse TI Edge Runners
Joe A. (Millbrook, CA)
Slick blades

Customer service is great with this company. They helped me choose a set of new steel and got it shipped quickly. I had to go with Bauer blades because of the step steel issues now but Tydan profiles them and sharpened them so well that I couldn’t tell the difference between my old steps and my new blades.

LS Pulse Ti 272 - Nils Hoglander
Nicholas F. (London, CA)
Maximum Speed, Glide, Stability & Outstanding Edge Retention

My 15yr old son is on the ice every day was constantly battling with loosing edges & balance at high speeds or tight turns. After a while I inspected his blades and noticed the oem stainless runners were just not holding up. The sharpen was not even and the profile was different on each foot with a major imbalance toward the heel. This is when I realized regular sharpening we’re doing him more harm then good. These blades were being sharpened every week but not by the same person at the pro shop. After doing research on skate blades and profiling I wanted to try something different that would help him with his skating. I have come across all sorts of aftermarket blades but only Tydan stood out. I put my order in for LS Pulse Ti runners. Same day I was contacted by Tyler directly to verify my order. We discussed profiling and styles of cuts. My son is an advanced skater so decided a 7/8 Z-channel with a Zuperior profile on these Pulse Ti’s would be a great fit. I received the blades within a couple days freshly done. Immediately I noticed an instant change in his stability at speeds and turns. After 30 times on the ice from 2 tournaments Daily practices the edges are still like they were from the first skate. Im always inspecting his blades and noticed the edge retention is absolutely incredible. Even Our coach asked what we did because he can see increased speed. Agility and stability in turns and pivots in game’s & practice where he would always see him loose his edge or balance.
If anyone is looking for that competitive edge you must go with Tydan. From now on our runners will always be purchased and sharpened from Tydan. Excellent product and top notch customer service from Tyler
Thanks Tydan! Customer for life!

LS Pulse Edge DLC Runners
M.L (Orleans, CA)
Excellent product and service

Runners are as expected. DLC coating holds edges much longer, sharpening less. Customer service is first class. Had trouble adjusting to new profile recommended. The team at Tydan was extreamly helpful in resolving the issue. They reprofiled to my previous profile @ no charge and they covered the shipping. Will be purchasing a spare set in the future.

Amazing Service as always!

As usual, Tyler and the group at Tydan were very helpful in making some small adjustments to my sons blade setup and the outcome was nothing short of phenominal. Very quick turn around on the mail in service! Keep up the good work.

LS Pulse TI Goalie Blades
Martin P. (Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, CA)
Good product, excellent service

I must say my son was a bit bummed when we found out we couldn’t get Tydan’s diamond edge blades anymore. Had to settle for a set of Bauer Pulse Ti blades for his new skates. Nonetheless, they seem to hold quite good so far and he is very happy with the profile on his blades. The best part was how fast I got my order! Ordered on Wednesday evening and received it on Friday afternoon.

LS Pulse TI Goalie Blades
Laurie F. (Saskatoon, CA)
Blade profile

Good and knowledgeable to deal with, makes it easy to buy from

LS Pulse TI Edge Runners
Kristofer A. (Toronto, CA)

Thank you for the PowerCut on these great blades!

LS3 Stainless Steel Runners
Derek I. (Vancouver, CA)

Very happy with the blades and how quickly they arrived.

LS Pulse TI Goalie Blades
Kerry G. (Pierrefonds, CA)
Nice product

Excellent service, great product.

LS Pulse TI Edge Runners
Evan B. (Montreal, CA)
Wicked Good

I tried all the other steel and TYDAN supplies the best product.
From the profile to the hollow to the personal engraving, no one comes close to what they produce.
Up your skill level during the game and buy TYDAN.