Best Skate Sharpening

Game worn by players across all 32 NHL teams, Tydan Performance Blades provides the best skate sharpening in the industry.

With the advanced computerized vision system and precision CNC milling technologies of Skatescribe, Tydan Performance Blades ensures each pair of skates receives unparalleled sharpening accuracy. The technology allows the Tydan team to detect the smallest imperfections while ensuring consistency in blade sharpening, setting a new standard in the hockey world.

Skatescribe Technology

The ability to customize and save sharpening profiles to individual playing styles and needs marks a significant advancement in skate technology. Whether players seek agility for aggressive turns or the speed for breakaway sprints, Tydan Blades provides the precise edge required for peak performance every time. With saved player profiles, players get the exact same blade profile and edge every single time.

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Extreme precision provided by CNC milling versus traditional skate sharpening virtually eliminates variability in blade hollow and radius between left and right skates. This leads to the player getting a virtually perfect matching pair of blades, and the confidence that their edge is exactly where they expect it to be! Every single sharpening session delivers identical high-quality results, ensuring players can count on consistent performance from their skates every game.

Choosing Tydan Blades signifies more than just opting for a superior skate sharpening method; it's an investment in a hockey player's performance and future, keeping players a stride ahead of the competition while providing a reliable and always consistent skate blade edge needed to achieve their goals on the ice.

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